The Fire Trader (Half-Elf)


Milos carries himself with an air of haughtiness, but this appearance is nothing more than the face he uses for his business. He stands tall and thin for a half-elf, but makes up for his gaunt stature with a weathered, aged face. And don’t dare let his eyes catch yours, or you’ll be enchanted just as any of his customers.


Bore from a supposed Urikite noble and a half-elf wench, Milos’ youth was one of certain interest, in regards to his current standings. His father left his mother for dead after a one night stand, and being a service woman was an ill-paying job, so Milos’ time as a child was spent learning the trades of layman. For the bulk of his childhood, he bounced from job to job to attempt to put food on the table for the two of them, learning craft in a variety of arts, including stonecutting, jewelry stringing, dye mixing, gem setting, and the likes. When he wasn’t busy tending to the fine arts of making, he spent his time learning how to peddle and barter like the best of them.

He stole when he had to steal, sold when he had to sell, and quickly learned that his skills were a unique commodity, especially in the military-ran city of Urik, where men and boys were bred as warriors, not merchants. However, even as this were true, the great fortress of House Stel was an enterprising center of merchants that made their home in Urik, and it was where Milos found a bounty of knowledge on the proper etiquette of being a merchant, often known as The Merchant Code.

While he refused to align himself even with such a prestigious houses as Stel, Milos took to learning every bit of mercantilism he could from every trader that passed through the walls of Urik and sold in the markets of the city-state. As he entered into his young adulthood and found himself without the familial chains of his mother (now living within means as a service woman of a different kind, having learned many crafts herself from her son), Milos yearned for more.

By the time of his 25th year constrained by the walls of Urik, Milos was prepared to venture into the wastes and create himself a prospering, self-sufficient trade caravan. His skills were sharper than the swords Urikites often fought with, and it earned him the unique name of ‘The Fire Merchant’, who they say could sell you a roaring flame in the middle of the day under the hot Athasian sun. Prepared to mix words and coin with the likes of all Athasians, Milos quickly set out on his own, prepared for the worst and hoping for the best.


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