The Eye of the Nibenese (Human)


Flaron may appear to be a sickly or scrawny individual, but that is merely a facade to mask his true abilities. Though he lacks his left eye and his tongue, he still attempts to play the part of the roguish fellow, although he is much more in favor of his actions speaking in place of his words (quite literally) with most cases at hand. He keeps his coat close by at all times, and without it, a literal armory of peculiar weapons can be found beneath.


A childhood in the lavish luxuries of the decadent city-state of Nibenay was the childhood Flaron kept. Born to a family of fair-made merchants in the city’s Sage District, his youth was most extravagant, especially for a child not of nobility nor that of a grand merchant house. His splendid childhood was but a step on a misfortunate road that led to a roaring flame of turmoil.

As a debaucher, Flaron had his choice of many of the free and common women — and men — who would frequent the Sages’ Square. One day, however, he attracted the attention of a particularly fine young man of no peculiarities, and would eventually go on to bed the adolescent. However, as a debaucher, Flaron was one unable to keep his hands from the whole bowl of faro fruit, so to speak.

One faithful night, long after having forgotten about the young man, Flaron lay with yet another partner in his carnal dance of desire. Midway through their ‘dance’, however, there came a crash and bang from within Flaron’s family’s abode, and Flaron was all to familiar with the only two possibilities that the sounds could come from: thieves or templar-wives.

Rushing from his room and down to the main shop, Flaron, found who he recognized as the fleeting romance that was the young man from some time ago and a squadron of templar-wives, who Flaron would eventually come to learn were under the command of the sister of Flaron’s former lover. Having mistaken Flaron’s intentions of bedding the boy as love, his former lover felt a pang of betrayal at the sight of being forgotten for a series of others and had requested his sister’s assistance in revenge against the merchant son and his family.

The templar-wives quickly snatched Flaron and their commander, the sister of his betrayed lover, stepped forward to examine the boy who had broken her brother’s heart. Deciding that reparations were in order, the woman, removed a fine obsidian dagger from her belt and reached for Flaron’s jaw. With the help of the other templar-wives, she was able to pry his tongue from between his teeth, and gave the muscle a sharp, ripping yank. Flaron cried out in blinding pain, most of which came in the way of gurgling from the blood now pooling in his mouth and pouring from his lips. While still reeling from the loss of his tongue, the templar-wife grabbed him by the back of his head and forced him face-first into her dagger, impaling Flaron’s left eye.

As the templar-wife yanked the dagger from Flaron’s eye, it splintered, even further destroying whatever remained in his eye socket. All the while, as the torture occurred, the young lover stood by idly, sneering from ear to ear, and enjoying every second of Flaron’s seering pain.

Deciding they were through, the templar-wife ordered a pair of her subordinates to torch the house and all of its occupants, save for Flaron, who was to be dumped in the Hill District. He was to survive, and to feel the pain of the betrayal of his former lover, as well as serve as yet another reminder of the power that the templar-wives and the Shadow King held in the city of Nibenay.

Left for dead with not even the clothes on his back, Flaron miraculously survived the night (he often chalks his survivor up to templar magic, most likely as an insurance that he survived the ordeal), but the same could not be said for his father, mother, and the lady he had laid with just prior to the altercation. Scrounging what he could from the streets and clothing himself in rags, Flaron revisited his former home just off the Sages’ Square. A crowd was beginning to gather to see the commotion from last night, but only found a burned out, smoldering shop.

Some said it must’ve been a hearth burned over, and nobody was around to stop it. Everyone silently knew, however, that in such a busy part of the city, something such as this wouldn’t have ever happened without intervention of a higher authority, either noble or templar. Thus, the truth was quietly swept under the rug.

From then on, Flaron decided revenge against such corrupt powers was a necessity. Of course, no revenge comes without evil, but he was prepared to take the consequences of his actions. Searching the his new home in the Hill District for a master of the arts of thievery and cutthroat assassination, Flaron began his lessons in taking from others that which he would never have again in the light of Nibenay: a life.

For nearly a decade, Flaron honed his skills as a murderer-for-hire in the streets of Nibenay and the surrounding area. His shocked and hardened demeanor from that tortured day eventually softened into a nonchalant, uncaring-of-his-work attitude, in that every kill or poisoning or kidnapping was just another job to him. He made many allies, and just as many enemies, even garnering himself the name The Eye of the Nibenese for his impeccable skills in marksmanship, even with only one eye.

However, by the time he was 25, he was prepared to leave the city, hoping for even more impressive clientele in the other city-states of the Tablelands. He facilitated this arrangement through a deal brokered with an exceptional independent merchant by the name of Milos. In exchange for protection from any complications on the ferry between towns, the half-elf promised he would arrange work for the cutthroat killer in the cities and towns they visited. With the deal struck, the two began their mutually-beneficial working partnership.


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