Lord of Altaruk (Human)


Arisphistaneles is age 54. He wears Balician clothing, the chiton and chlamys, and leather armor. He is of average height, muscular build, though paunchy, and bald — in fact, completely hairless. Some speculate that the Captain must have dwarf blood in his past. However, a small portion of Athasian humans have no natural body hair.

The captain exploits this using his psycometabolic wild talent, a rare and minor variant of metamorphosis. Arisphistaneles can change his facial features and fingerprints, the shape of his hands, and so on. He can grow webs between his fingers and toes, or point his ears. He sometimes uses the last trick to impersonate a mul, a handy disguise.


Born to cruel slave parents in Balic, Arisphistaneles ran away at the age of 10. He promptly fell into trouble with a templar, but a passing wizard rescued the boy and adopted him. Arisphistaneles developed intense admiration for magic, but little talent for spellcasting. Still, he joined the Alliance in Balic and served it loyally.

His real talents lay in business. After managing his adoptive father’s affairs, the youth joined the merchant house of Wavir and rose rapidly in the firm. He never lost his commitment to magic, though, nor an accompanying belief that all thinking beings have a right to literacy. When the House of Wavir appointed him to supervise the trading post of Altaruk, some three decades ago, he quietly began implementing his ideas. As long as the balance sheets continue strong, the sponsoring merchants look the other way.


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