The Iron-Armed Slave (Human)


At six and a half feet, and a frame to carry a matching girth, Alia towers over most other humans. His skin has been bronzed by the sun of Athas, but still carries a paled pigment from the labored days spent in the Tyrian mines during his young adulthood. He keeps his hair cropped short and clothes unkempt, both habits from his days as a former slave.


Alia grew up under a hardened slave master in the city of Tyr. For over a decade, he served as the hard-handed laborer under his master, being forced to take any difficult or enduring task necessary to maintain his master’s decadent lifestyle. As he aged, though, his strength grew and, unknown to him, he was bred to be sold into working the mines, a line of work that would surely end his life in its prime.

From just into the prime of his adulthood to the downfall of Kalak and the freeing of all Tyrian slaves, Alia knew only the life of the bearer of the pick. For those dozens of years, he survived exposure, cave-ins, and even the curse of the hejkin, all of which claimed hundreds of his fellow slaved during his stay in the iron mines.

His unhindered and enduring strength earned him the title of The Iron-Armed Slave, who many mine workers believed was simply a mythical being. The tales of the name spread rumors that he had been the first worker of the mines, over a millennium ago, eternally bound to strike the earth and undyingly serve as the model of Kalak’s ambitions for the miners.

After his freedom from the servitude by The First Act of King Tithian, Alia finally lay his pick aside as a tool of rock breaking, and instead set out to wander the overworld and live what was left of his life in the harsh sun, a feeling he had been deprived of for nearly 30 years. There, he met the independent dune trader, Milos, and his caravan guard, Flaron, and took contract to join the two as caravan workers for the aspiring merchant houses of Athas.


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